Gold carved animal theme jewelry and gold cat jewelry with precious stone creations by Jack Slack


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    Animal series: gold and emerald kitten or cat pendant    Cats

Quality detail carving right down to the cat's little paw pads.             

Birds of  land & seaAnimal series: Diamond pave and ruby Hummingbird pendant
Geckos & Lizards



Sportsgold and pave diamond tennis raquet charm    Dogs     Animal series: Gold and sapphire dog pendant
           Fish                 Animal series: Gold and sapphire Dolphin marine pendant   Critters         Animal series: Gold and ruby Giraffe animal pendant  




 Human figure   gold human figure pendant Bears        Animal series: Gold and diamond bear pendant


Marine   Animal series: Gold  and pave diamond Turtle or tortois pendant and diamond pave guitar pendant   Religiousgold and pave diamond religious cross pendant  Hearts & FlowersGold and pave diamond Heart pendant Zodiacgold Taurus Zodiac pendant
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Pave diamond theme section (cats, animals, marine, sports)


True adventure books by Jack Slack


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Jack Slack is an author and sculptor who has been selling his work throughout the United States, parts of Europe and the Caribbean  for the past 40 years. He lived and cruised in the Bahamas on his sailboat and during this period he discovered a sunken Spanish treasure galleon, the largest treasure find of the legendary pieces-of-eight from the reign of Philip IV (1621-1665) the news of which made headlines throughout the world and a cover story in Look magazine. He was presented to Queen Elizabeth on the occasion of her visit to the Bahamas as a result of the Royal treasure gift to the Queen by the Bahamian government.

He is the author of Finders Losers, which is an autobiographical account of  his find known as the Lucayan Treasure Find. His book which was first published in the U.S. by Holt, Rinehart & Winston and subsequently published in the United Kingdom by Hutchinson Ltd. where it was chosen for the Adventurers Club collection. The book is  now available in a revised edition as an ebook for the Kindle on and in various digital formats on  The story was later (in the 70's) made into a documentary film released in Europe. He has also published a new book, Caution to the Wind, covering the more dangerous aspects of his adventurous life.  


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                                                                            souci.jpg (26592 bytes) signed and copyrighted. His cat and animal designs can be found in fine