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Gold cat bracelets with pearls and emeralds.     (Page 1of 2) 

Prices quoted are for 14k gold. Most, but not all items, are also available in 18k gold. Please call for an 18k price for the item of your choice.  All kitten and cat designs can be ordered with white diamond eyes, or blue diamond eyes, in addition to emerald, sapphire, or ruby eyes.

Bracelets made 7 inches as priced.  Can be adjusted in 1/2 inch increments.  

gold cat head pearl bracelet<< magnified view magnified view

T1214 Kitten Head pearl Bracelet   

 emerald eyes  2.5mm Pearl 

            T1214 Kitten Head pearl Bracelet   emerald eyes  2.5mm pearls      




 gold and emerald cat head bracelet<< magnified view mag1S1207 Kitten Head Bracelet 

                       emerald eyesld eyes




gold cat lounge bracelet< m< magnified viewagnified view

   B1B1201 Cat Lounge Bracelet   

                                                                   emerald eyes 201 Emerald Cat Lounge Brace



The top gold kitten head bracelet consists of emeralds and pearls, while just below it is a version of the same gold bracelet, but without the pearls. The bottom gold cat bracelet consists of the full body of the cat in a playful lounging position. Also with emerald eyes.

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