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Whimsical gold cat pendants and gold earrings.  (page 1 of 7)

Prices quoted are for 14k gold. Most, but not all items, are also available in 18k gold. Please call for an 18k price for the item of your choice.  These pieces can be ordered with Ruby or Sapphire eyes at the same price. For blue Diamond eyes add $60 or for white diamond eyes add $30.

Size measurements are longest dimension
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gold kitten pendantTM

     Q67 Kitten


(Emerald eyes, actual size 1.5 inches)

Two 1.5mm Emeralds

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Actual size comparison to a 25 cent coin


  Pave diamond kitten pendantTM

     R392 Kitten Pave


(Emerald eyes & diamond belly. actual size 1.5 inches) 

11 one point diamonds & two 1.5mm emeralds

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     S759 Cat Sitting

14k $1071.

        Emerald eyes & diamond collar.        Actual size 1.4 inches 

Made also as a pin


Made also as a pin.


L644 Kitten w/pearl ball


Emerald eyes, 4.9MM Pearl. Actual size 1 inch

Made also as a pin



Gold Cat Love diamond pendant

K721 Cat Love

14K  $1365.

Pave dia. collar 3 one pointers, actual size 1.25 inches

Made also as a pin

gold cat pendant, cat overboard

  P777 Cat  Overboard


Emerald eyes, made also as a pin $684. actual size 1.2 inches) 

Made also as a pin

Gold Kitten hanging pin 

T731 Cat Pin


Emerald eyes, actual size 1.5 "

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To order or inquire call 1 800 227-2864  9AM to 5PM  Eastern Time
Prices include shipping charges within the continental United States 

 Notice that the above whimsical gold cat jewelry pieces interact with the neck chain. The cat becomes part of the neck chain and that feature of these gold animal pendants  will apply to almost any neck chain. It is a unique feature of almost all of Mr. Slack's gold cat jewelry as well as his gold animal jewelry. Precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, pearls and emeralds are an integral part of the gold cat charms and gold cat pins shown above. 


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