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Diamond Pave


D808 Kitten Diamond Pave

33 one point diamonds

Actual size 1.5 inches



P811 Cat Sitting Diamond Pave

30 one point diamonds

10 half pointers

T.W. = .39 Carats

Actual size 1.5 inches



R810 Cat Love Diamond Pave 

40 one point diamonds

Actual size 1.5 inches



B1206 Kitten Head Diamond Bracelet   emerald eyes, 18 ten point diamonds  TW 1.8 carats.

 $10,485.     7 inches. 

Available with blue diamond eyes, emeralds, sapphires or rubies.


P723 All Pave Diamond Tennis Pendant

Center diamond. = 10 points. Pave rim 20 half pointers. Handle = Four one pointers

Strung with monofilament line

 Actual size 1.5 inches 

T.W.=22 points



E809 Tortoise/Turtle Diamond Pave

44 one point diamonds. 

Actual size 2.25 inches



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