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14k gold and enamel Cat-thru-ear earrings $1860. per pair. Each pair of earrings consists of a 4 piece stud & jacket set.

per pair.

Tiger Cat



per pair.

Calico Cat



per pair.

Black & White Cat


          Actual size is 1.5 inches. Each pair of earrings consists of a 4 piece stud & jacket set. 
The Kitten head stud can be worn separately.  Your choice of emerald, sapphire or ruby eyes. 


Cabochon Emerald eyes 14k gold and enamel frogs  
           P381XG  Green Frog 


    F691XG  Green Frog 


Actual size 1.2 inches  Actual size 2.25 inches.   


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Pave diamond theme section (cats, animals, marine, sports)
To order or inquire call 1-800-227-2864  9AM to 5PM  Eastern Time
Prices include shipping charges within the continental United States 




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Special 14k gold enamel section

The above gold kitten jewelry pendants are epoxy enamel and 14k gold. This low temperature enamel process is not as prone to chipping as is ceramic enamel.  Because of the hand work involved, each piece is one-of-a-kind and is typical of the detail  found in Mr. Slack's artistic gold animal carvings. The Cat-thru-ear earrings were created to match the "hang in there baby" pendant.

As is demonstrated on most of his work, these pieces interact with the neck chain.