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Gold frog jewelry, pendants and gold frog earrings.  (Page 1 of 2)
Prices quoted are for 14k. Most, but not all items are available in 18k. Please call for an 18k price for the item of your choice.


  Size measurements are longest dimension.
Frog gold pendant

V775 Frog 

******************************> As a pendant 


******************************> As a pin  


******************************> emerald eyes, actual size 1.75 inches

Gold Frog hanging pendant

 F691 Frog  (large)  

actual size 2.25 inches              


******************************> gold hanging frog pendant small

          K381 Frog Mini 

actual size 1.2 inches        


              Cabochon  genuine emerald eyes 


******************************>        Gold Frog earrings wiggle Gold Frog earring<--swivels

      F254  Frog Wiggle Earrings            


******************************> Emerald eyes. (earring studs & jackets)  

  Actual size 1.25 inches

Gold Frog wiggle pendant 

R790  Frog Swivel Pendant           


 Actual size 1.25 inches. ******************************> Also made as a stick pin $1347.


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Prices include shipping charges within the continental United States 

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This section consists of  gold animal jewelry with precious stones with an emphasis on gold frog jewelry, both frog pendants and frog earrings.  These pieces are made in 14k or 18k gold and the chains are shown for illustration purposes only. We do not sell chain.