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Prices quoted are for 14k. Most, but not all items are available in 18k. Please call for an 18k price for the item of your choice.

Geckos and lizards as pins or pendants.  Size measurements are longest dimension.

       G807  Gecko     

$1287. Emerald eyes       

$1527. Emerald eyes & diamonds

(cabochon emerald eyes, actual size 1.3 inches)


      V782  Lizard   


               (emerald eyes, actual size 2 inches


gold lizard pendant mouth open

Y793 Lizard



(emerald eyes, actual size 2 inches)


gold lizard earrings

L2             L261 Lizard Lizard earrings


(emerald eyes, actual size 2")

gold mini lizard pendant

J79H     J796 Lizard6 Lizard (mini)


(emerald eyes, actual size 1.25")

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To order or inquire call 1-800-227-2864  9AM to 5PM  Eastern Time
Prices include shipping charges within the continental United States 

Above is a trio of  emerald eyed gold lizard pendants, each interacting with the neck chain  and an emerald eyed dangle gold lizard earring set.                  



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