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Gold marine jewelry - Anchors and Ship's Wheels
Gold marine jewelry - (Page 1 of 8)
Prices quoted are for 14k. Most, but not all items are available in 18k. Please call for an 18k price for the item of your choice.
Size measurements are longest dimension.
  gold diamond pave 
      ship's wheel 

   Y19  Ship's Wheel Pave



 Diamond pave T.W. 42  points center  stone 10  points

Actual size 1.5 inches

Also made as pin  


Gold and onyx ship's wheel

P372 Ship's Wheel Onyx


Onyx ring w/cabochon, 

Actual size 1.5 inches

Also made as pin  


gold anchor small

  S118 Anchor


           Actual size 1 inch

gold anchor large

   S64 Anchor



Actual size 1.5 inches

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To order or inquire call 1-800-227-2864  9AM to 5PM  Eastern Time
Prices include shipping charges within the continental United States 

The top piece is a gold whimsical smiling pave diamond turtle pendant. Next is a gold onyx ship's wheel pendant.. The bottom is another gold ships wheel pendant with a pave diamond rim and a 10 point diamond center. Next is a gold conch pendant with a 5 point diamond.                 



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