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Gold marine pendants, fish and dolphins
  Gold dolphin jewelry - sport Fish and marine mammals (Page 4 of 8)


Size measurements are longest dimension.
Whimsical dolphin pendant

R760 Dolphin Fun


Sapphire eye. Also available w/diamond

Actual size 1.25 inches         

       dolphin yin-yang pendant

   F802 Dolphin Yin/Yang


      Sapphire eyes. Also  available w/ Diamond eyes 

           Actual size 1.5 inches


small gold dolphin school

      P8 Sm. Dolphin School 


     Eyes 2 two point          diamonds           

Actual size 1.25 inches      

small diamond dolphin charm

G56 Sm. Dolphin


2 pt Diamond eye

Actual size .75 inches

             large diamond dolphin heart pendant

Q714 Dolphin Heart


5 pt Diamond

Actual size 1.5 inches

              large dolphin school pendant

P355 Dolphin School Large


Diamond eyes, 5 pointer and 2 two pointers

Actual size 2.25 inches

        gold diamond dolphin pendant

K761 Dolphin


2 Pt. Diamond eye

Actual size 1.25 inches


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