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 Size measurements are longest dimension.

      S794 Scuba Diver Male 

(1.75 inches)    


      Actual size 1.75 inches


R686 Scuba Diver Female

(1.5 inches)


    Actual size 1.5 inches



gold windsurfer race pendant

L720 Windsurfer Male

(1.5 inches)


 Actual size 1.5 inches

gold windsurfer pendant male

T680 Windsurfer Male  

(1.3 inches)


Actual size 1.3 inches

gold windsurfer pendant female

X690 Windsurfer Female

(1.3 inches)


 Actual size 1.3 inches


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F374 Large374 Mermaid Large Mermaid Pin (2.5 inches)

Hand carved delicately detailed for connoisseur collector

Call for special pricing

Actual size 2.5 inches

9mm Baroque Pearl


gold mermaid pendant emerald and diamond

Q659  Mermaid Pin or pendant

(1.75 inches)

 As a Pendant


As a pin 


One 5 pt. diamond, one 2.5mm emerald)

            Actual size 1.75 inches


gold flippers pendant

      W93 Flippers 

(1.1 inch)  


Actual size 1.1 inches


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