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  Prices quoted are for 14k. Most, but not all items are available in 18k. Please call for an 18k price for the item of your choice.


Size measurements are longest dimension.
Click here to see conch as enamel 

   gold conch pendant

       P138 Conch 


            5 Point diamond 

          Actual size 1 inch

 Also made as pin 

  gold pave diamond sand dollar pendant

          G176 Sanddollar            


     Diamond pave  20 half pointers 

As a pin


           Actual size 1.25 inches

       gold scallop shell pendant

   T37  Shell Pin or Pendant


     Actual size .75 inches 

      Five point  diamond.

    As a pin



                           gold starfish pendant

      P167 Starfish Pendant or Pin


                     Five point diamond

                Actual size.75 inches

                  Also made as pin 



                gold starfish ring

             Q569 Starfish Ring


              Five point diamond.


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