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  Sizes shown are longest dimension
Gold Bear Koala eating upright pendant

K712 Koala  

As pendant  


As a pin 


Emerald eyes. 

Actual size 1 inch 

gold Bird Hummingbird pendant

F671 Hummingbird Pendant or Pin

As pendant 


As a pin


Sapphire eye, ruby collar, pave diamonds.  9 two pointers 

Actual size  1 inch

gold Bird Hummingbird large pendant

Y316 Hummingbird Pendant 

As pendant  


As a pin   


Sapphire eye, ruby collar, pave dias. 9 two pointers 


Actual size  1.25 inches


Gold Bird Pelican pendant

S154 Flamingo

As pendant  


  As  a pin  


Ruby eye

Actual size 1.75 inches


Gold Bird Mallard duck pendant

G323 Mallard duck

As pendant


As a Pin  


Actual size 1.5"

Gold Kitten hanging pin 

T731 Cat Pin



Emerald eyes

Actual size 1.5 "


gold cat pendant, cat overboard

  P777 Cat  Overboard

As pendant  


As a pin


Emerald eyes, made also as a pin $422.

Actual size 1.2 inches 


  gold kitten with pearl ball pendant

L644 Kitten w/pearl ball


As a pin  $1446.

Emerald eyes, 4.9MM Pearl. Actual size 1 inch

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This section consists of  gold animal jewelry with precious stones with an emphasis on gold pin jewelry, consisting of  cat pins, bird pins, and animal pins.  These pieces are made in 14k or 18k gold and the chains are shown for illustration purposes only. We do not sell chain.


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