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 Size measurements are longest dimension.
gold windsurfer female pendant

F680 Windsurfer Male 


actual size 1.3"

gold windsurfer race pendant

K720 Windsurfer Male 


   actual size 1.5"

gold female windsurfer pendant

P690 Windsurfer Female 


    actual size 1.3"

gold surfer pendant

S356 Surfer 

(fully 3 dimensional)


actual size 1.5 inches


gold pave diamond rollerskate pendant

Q42 Rollerskate 

Actual size 1 inch

Complete Reidel boot

(fully 3 dimensional)


Diamond pave, actual size 1 inch, turning wheels. Full 3 dimensional piece, 10 pts. dia.

Skate without diamonds



gold weightlifter pendant

B132 Weightlifter 

(fully 3 dimensional)


actual size 1"

T670 Ski Boot Diamond Pave

Pin or Pendant

16 one point diamonds.

(fully 3 dimensional)


actual size 1.5 inches

At the top are 3 gold windsurfer pendants (also made as pins) with highly detailed figures that are made as either male or female figures. The middle row is a gold pave diamond rollerskate (Reidel boot) with turning wheels and a toe stop. In the middle is a gold surfers pendant "ripping a tube" in a curling wave. To the right of that is a gold weightlifters pendant holding a gold bar weight. At the bottom is a gold ski boot with a slanted ski pole and wrist strap for the neck chain. 

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